About Paper Gems

Welcome to Paper Gems!

Are you tired of products made in series. Are you looking for an original gift or just something to inspire you? Paper Gems is made for you.
This site is my way of showing what can be accomplished from such as ordinary material as paper. They are my gems. All the articles, tutorials, pictures and products will inspire and cheer up people passionate by  handmade productes and quilling.
My name is Andreea Laura Parlafes. I am the handmade artist in the back of Paper Gems and my work is created to bring you joy and make a more beautiful world.
On Paper Gems you will find:
1. Products that can brighten your life.
2. Information about quilling.
3. Images of objects made of quilling that will inspire you.
4. Tutorials and articles that can help you do handmade things for you or your family
5. Quilling items made by me that you can buy and more.
To start up the day with the newest articles on this blog you can click Follow Paper Gems.
The blog is still in work so it will be more changes in organization and articles.
Thanks for choosing Paper Gems blog and I wish you a beautiful day.

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