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Paper Gems -Paper Treasures

With only a colored sheet, glue and scissors, I will change your life forever.
Paper Gems it appeared due to the desire to bring a touch happiness for loved ones (for my mother for which I did an album, for my sister sisters who joined me in most amazing moments of my life I did greeting cards and so on).
I wanted to share with people what I knew to do with quilling art and I wanted to show them the beauty of simple things.
I invite you to find it through me this art.
Who is it for?
1. Children between 5-14 years (beginners and middle classes)
2. Persons who need motion exercises. (regardless of age)
3. People who want to learn something new (regardless of age).
The courses will focus on:
– Enriching creativity
– Developing aesthetic sense
– Use of surplus energy in a creative way
– Develop patience
– Developing the movement of the hands
– And obviously learning quilling technique
Materials: colored paper, glue, scissors, Quilling needle or toothpicks
Depending on thematic we can use: cardboard, chains and other items, metal that we can turn into jewelry and so on.
Life Courses: are organized at Pictoru. The event is promoted on Facebook.
Online Courses: on blog you will see new tutorials, courses and magazines. For more handmade projects subscribe to blog and you will receive on email new projects.