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Paper Gems missions are:
1. To offer you the opportunity to give a custom handmade object. Because we are all different so it should be the gifts that we receive.
2. To teach handmade makers beginning lessons, develop the skills of those at the intermediate level, challenge the advanced artisan – and inspire them all.
In the projects you will work primarily with paper, metal and wire.
I offer step-by-step instructions in the projects that correspond to various skill levels. I also publish articles on specific techniques, informational pieces, a gallery showcasing inspirational jewelry, and a regular column exploring the use of jewelry techniques to create nonjewelry objects.
Paper Gems also includes valuable information on tools, techniques and the latest products.
Register and get more from Paper Gems online with exclusive free projects and articles for our subscribers.
Subscribe on Paper Gems for free! You’ll have access to these great online features:
How to projects
Exclusive articles
Bonus content galleries
Download exclusive subscriber-only How to projects
Share photos of your own work in the Subscriber Galleries
And more!
With my help, you can give or make objects that will become gems for you and for the persons  you offer them.

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